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Classical Homeopathy &  Food Intolerance Testing | Est 1996


My daughter has seen Simon regularly for the last few years regarding her asthma.  Recently she developed an unrelated acute viral illness, which was lingering & causing her a lot of pain despite regular over the counter painkillers.  In desperation, I phoned Simon who recommended a remedy, within 2 hours of giving it to her her pain had gone, she was back to her normal happy self & able to return to school the next day.  Resulting in a happy daughter & an even happier Mum.  Thank you Simon.

 JH, Wellingborough

I am so grateful to Simon Andrews for sharing his time with me as a Classical Homeopath and for restoring my quality of life in such a short period.

Fifteen years ago, my then GP informed me that I had an incurable condition called Restless Legs Syndrome. Having barbed wire pulled through the veins would best describe the symptoms together, with involuntary leg jerks, effectively denied me any form of relaxation. Instead, I would be pacing the room, stamping my feet, or in desperation sitting on the floor performing leg-stretching exercises. Therefore social activities were a no go area, I have for example been unable to attend a cinema in all that time. Bedtime was a nightmare the second I tried to relax the dreadful crawling feelings would start denying me any chance to enjoy quality sleep and the involuntary jerking of my lower and sometimes upper limbs often cause me to fall out of the bed.

The tablets prescribed by the GP were partially effective; however, the side effects caused extreme tiredness during the day and contributed further to my poor quality of life.

Simon’s initial consultation was a revelation to me in that he afforded me quality time in order to identify and treat the underlying cause rather than mask the symptoms. Following the in depth consultation Simon presented me with a “remedy” that was so effective I was able to reduce the prescribed tablets by 50% and cease completely within two weeks. I am able to lead a normal life with a quality sleep pattern, I also understand that when a GP informs you that you are incurable he actually means “ I can’t cure you”.

 ML, Northampton

“The progress that I have made over the past year would not have been possible had it not been for your remarkable work and I would like to thank you for providing me with my treatment over the last twelve

Months. I still find it hard to believe that a little sugary ball could have made so much difference to me but it has. A difference that has really made my life a joy to live. Your vocation has made my life so worth living. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!”

 JC Leicester

I’ve been going to Simon for three years. I had repetitive strain injury,bad eczema, and post-natal depression. I’ve been to various health professionals who hadn’t been understanding, but Simon really listened .He got to the root of the problem by recommending remedies which made a real difference to my health.”

 Sw Leicester